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Feel the moisture slip under your skin with

Hydradermie by Guinot
A complete facial treatment, deep cleansing, rehydrating and oxygenating the skin for all skin types

* a paraffin hand mask works wonders whilst having Hydradermie

Hydradermie for the eye area
This treatment will hydrate and tone the delicate eye area

A new and unique breakthrough in moisturizing and anti-ageing treatment. The bringing together of nature, science and technology.

Dermafusion is the infusion of specifically selected interactive ingredients which synergistically work in harmony to treat and prevent signs of aging.

When applying the products with a Dermafusion or Dermalift system (microcurrent) Jeanette achieves twice the penetration of the product in half the time.

Cool Collagen
A deep moisturizing and firming treatment for face décolleté and throat.
The natural collagen wrap is impregnated with aloe vera. This is apllied over an ampule for intense hydration.

See and feel the difference