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An excellent development by Dr. med. Schrammek. An instant energy kick for face and body. For dull, inefficient circulated skin and for skin in need of regeneration. For deep lines and enlarged skin structure, for week tissue and cellulite. A fast solution for skin problems. Ideal as pre-treatment for the intensive Green Peel or as a treatment at short intervals.

Important: The skin is not supposed to peel at all or only slightly. Only slight tenderness is noticed with this herbal massage although the herbs will continue to be active for about a day. Aim of this method is to increase circulation and oxygen supply, to activate metabolism and increase regeneration. The skin will look younger, fresher and more radiant: a quick and intensive cleansing effect for your beauty.

Green peel

Green peel, a deep peeling developed by Dr. med. Schrammek, has been known for 35 years as a worldwide recognised biological method to treat large areas of skin. Intensive circulation and deep cleansing achieve visual improvement of skin structure. It treats enlarged pores and tired, dull looking skin. It is effective for impurities and acne, for deep facial lines and scars, for some forms of pigmentation or week tissue. It is effectively used to treat stretch marks and cellulite. It can also be applied to parts of the face like mouth, forehead, cheeks or neck.

What is a peeling?

Dead skin cells, deep seatedblackheads prevent the skinfrom absorbing masks and creams. Perfume also looses it's long lasting effect on dry skin.

The keratose dead upper layer of skin is gently removed, leaving the skin glowing and absorbent.

Power Peeling

Beauté Neuve (Guinot)

A superb renewing treatment using fruit enzymes, amino acids and vitamins to gently exfoliate and soften the skin. This treatment leaves the complexion truly radiant. Guinot recommends a course of 3 treatments, taken over 3 consecutive weeks.

Peel Off Masks

Remove dead cells quickly and very efifectively.

Face buffing

A technique developed by THE SALON for fantastic results.