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New and exlusively at the Salon

not to be categorised the ultimate facial

Cellsan laser
A synergy of laser technology and specially concepted products making an effective cosmetic treatment taking beauty to a new dimension
A treatment of 6 is recommended

Vitamins and Oils to Feed Your Skin

Feed your face with

Paraffin Power Pack
After an intensive facial massage with a nourishing cream, a coating of paraffin wax is applied to the skin to boost the nourishing effect.

Guinot's Lifsosome
A stimulating firming thermal facial using vitamin C + ginseng

Avocado Oil Experience
The precious components of a cold pressed avocado oil treatment are used for the very dry, chapped mature skin. together with infra red light and avocado oil,  the skin is left plumped up, smooth and firm.

Sanddorn Special
Rosehip (Vitamin C) cream combined with a paraffin wax mask

Caviar Decadence

Caviar peeling + Caviar
Oh yes - real caviar for the special main course: let your fantasy fly and the Salon does the rest. Instant effect

Caviar ampules are rich in sea embryo cells and trace elements. These active substynces give moisture, stimulate and regeneratethe skin's tissues. Especially recommended for the tired, dry and wrinkled skin.

Neck and Dekolleté Treatments

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